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O2 Hi-Speed Racing for Facebook

17 06 2009

O2 Hi-Speed Racing has just been launched on Facebook, branded for Telefónica O2 and their fast internet products and our second project made with Proximity Prague.

O2 Hi-speed Racing is a pure racing game with simple rules – be the fastest of all players. Game features really fancy graphics (see screenshots), built-in track editor allowing the players to create their own races and some very unique techniques for Flash 10 from technical point of view – namely Pacejka functions for car physics, efficient collision solving, quad-tree optimizations of viewport, dynamic sound generation for engine sounds. Editor allows to shape the track using simple Bezier spline, with virtually no limitations, add many objects and set parameters for racing – checkpoints, position the start and finish flag etc.

Having implemented the Facebook platform into the game, players can easily connect through Facebook. Not only they can invite their friends, but also challenge each other on any track in the game Additionally, every player can set up his own race series besides the official O2 Series.

Game link:

Please go to The game is only accessible with Facebook account.

Game screenshots:

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