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Puma Urban Motion Game

7 04 2009

The point in the game is to simply dance to the music. Player’s success actually depends on how he/she car catch the beat. Flash’s sound analysis (FFT) feature takes care of that quite well. Other nice Flash features used in the project are the new inverse kinematics that helped us with animating the figures and some nice customization of player’s avatars, including placing their own photos up to the avatar’s face.

Every dance session in the game can be recorded, saved and published, allowing to players to send their performance to their friends to check out. Ultimatelly, they can use a cute little gadget player, which they can post on their personal website or blog.

Game link:

Plese go to Puma Fragrances website.

Game screenshots:

Gameplay video:

Thanks to the gadget we made for the game, there is no need to make a special video. This bellow is the gadget which everyone can use, as do we.

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