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Citrus City

25 10 2007

Citrus City game was made in order to fulfill the client’s demand for entertaining game for Fernet Stock Citrus brand, that would be suitable also for women and would have a strong viral potential.

We created a concept of a virtual city, where each player is provided with an avatar he must take care of. That means he has to eat, sleep, earn money by having a job etc. Because of the brand’s nature we chose the main topic to be night life and so the key aspect of the game lies in having relations with an opposite sex.

Citrus City is a server based multi-player game with a comfortable and eye-candy flash client interface. The main advantage of this solution is a possibility of easy maintenance and tuning of game variables while the game is running and also anti-cheating measures because players can win prizes.

The game got very nice feedback not only in game media, but also from the players themselves. We managed to create measurable viral effect and though the game was not on-line advertised it was played by many. This was accomplished also by having the game released with Inputwish mark.

Gameplay video:

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Game screenshots:

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