Inputwish is an independent game studio based in Prague, Czech republic.


Pilsner Urquell Golf

1 06 2006

Pilsner Urquell Golf game supports directly activities of this brand as the partner of Czech Golf Federation. Considering the target group and whole concept of Pilsner Urquell brand we chose the concept of in all respects realistic simulator. Our game offers photorealistic graphics visuals with possibility of free movement around the course, realistic ball physics and in total provides quite authentic game immersion.

FlashGolf3d Engine:

The engine Inputwish developed for this game works in any browser with installed Flash 8 plugin. It allows us in a short time to render realistic, fully textured 3D terrain with 1500 polygons in average, and billboarded 2D textures of trees and other objects. The engine also solves thy physics of the ball in flight, its interaction with the terrain and the ball`s visibility. It considers the quality of player`s swing by 3-click system, weather (wind) and the characteristics of each surface blog.

During the development we thoroughly cooperated with the golf pro and the member of PGA Czech, as well as with regular golf players being the testers for the game. Pilsner Urquell Golf 2006 is the sixth on-line game we created with cooperation with Multimedia atelier since autumn 2005.

Gameplay video:

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Game Screenshots:

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