Inputwish is an independent game studio based in Prague, Czech republic.


Pilsner Urquell Olympics

25 04 2006

Pilsner Urquell Olympics was created to communicate Pilsner Urquell as a sponsor of Czech Olympic Team for Winter Olympic Games in Torino 2006. We created three little games for players to compete in, each with its unique atmosphere, visually connected through quality illustrations.

Acrobatic jumps excelled in a vast amount of jumper animations, nice design of the environment and also cute exaggeration of tricks performed by the jumper, that went further than usual in this event.

Bobsleigh competition, other than having equally cute illustrations, was a premiere of our 3D engine – we presented fully three dimensional and realtime animated bobsleigh ice track in which the player had to drive the bobsleigh

The third game was curling, bringing fun with tough and tactically demanding matches against live opponents on a multi-user server, specially made for this event site.

Gameplay video:

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Game screenshots:

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